VFAF official statement on Israel’s declaration of war on Hamas terrorists.


Veterans and all Americans should be rightly shocked at the outbreak of war-like attacks on Israel by Iran-backed Hamas. Under President Trump, Russia was restrained, China was contained and Mid-East peace was sustained. We must unite to oust Biden and recall Trump to the White House without delay. America and its allies can no longer rely on the current feckless presidential leadership – the stakes are just too high for ignorance and appeasement when it comes to national security. MAGA -Trump 2024.

Admiral Charles Kubic VFAF National Spokesman

Recently Veterans for America First AKA Veterans for Trump were invited to Israel to meet with the Knesset and IDF where a tour of the Gaza border and captured Hamas Tunnels was conducted.  VFAF Ambassador Cait Corrigan represented the organization.

America stands with Israel today and every day.

Israel has every right to defend itself against these Hamas terrorists. The Israeli military is called the Israel Defense Force, not Israel Attack Force for a reason.

The war in Ukraine, the Chinese military advancements, and now these recent attacks on Israel would not be happening under a Trump Administration.

We are praying for peace and safety for our allies in Israel today.

Cait Corrigan VFAF Ambassador and Israeli Liaison



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