Georgia VFAF state chapter to carry Veterans for Trump national endorsement of Rep. Andrew Clyde for 2024


The Georgia State Chapter of Veterans for Trump will also be carrying the endorsement of congressman Andrew Clyde issued by the national today announced Jared Craig, GA VFAF state chapter president.

Congressman Andrew Clyde is a combat veteran. After earning his commission from the University of Notre Dame, he served as an U.S. Navy officer for 28 years, which included three combat deployments to Kuwait and Iraq where he served with Veterans for Trump national spokesman Admiral Charles Kubic. Clyde is also known for defeating the IRS in court with a ruling his money was wrongfully seized and as a member of congress led a successful charge to reform federal civil asset forfeiture law. Clyde was one of the twenty members who held out on confirming speaker McCarthy until historic concessions were made.

“When there is a matter of justice to be served you can find Rep Clyde fighting for us , it has been an honor getting to know the congressman these last few years he is doing great work for Georgia and this nation” said Stan Fitzgerald VFAF national president.



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