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About us

Georgia Veterans for America First is the very first state chapter of the VFAF ( organization.

GAVFAF is an organization that advocates for veteran and first responder rights in the state of Georgia. Our goal is to champion issues affecting our Hero community. Issues such as employment, adequate health care, and housing; as well as policy changes needed to better enhance activities that support military, veteran, and first responder families.

What sets us apart from other organizations is our commitment to ensure that our actions are rooted in our Nation’s highest ideals. We value service before self, honor, integrity and Patriotism.

We aim to safeguard American freedoms and liberties. Additionally, we strive to promote political engagement through the education of volunteer activists who can work collaboratively with elected officials to bring about much-needed change in the quality of life for the American Heroes.

We believe we must actively protect American values.


This means valuing the immigrant community while actively reforming our legal immigration process and enforcing immigration laws is paramount to the safety of both Americans and immigrants from human trafficking and cartels. The Wall has to be finished. We must also work with federal, state, and local education departments to implement school choice and parental rights to their child’s education. Additionally, we must stand against the ‘woke’ culture that is consuming our communities and schools, and fight for girls’ and women’s rights in sports, bathrooms, and schools.

Furthermore, we must advocate for a national security platform that brings peace through strength. This includes pro-life causes, human-trafficking awareness, and other advocacy that protects and cultivates the sovereign spirit of our Republic.

Please watch the video below. It was produced prior to the 2020 Presidential election and highlights the Veterans for Trump roots of our organization.

More media can be found HERE

Issues & Solutions

Our Platform


In a bold tone of voice, we are calling on all citizens of this great nation to join us in our effort to save it. Together, we can make a real difference: by selflessly dedicating time, energy and resources to our collective cause. We would love to connect with you - participating in socially responsible actions and initiatives - to safeguard the future of our country. Even small efforts like signing petitions or volunteering your time are important steps toward making a tremendous impact. Let's come together, stand proud and preserve the Legacy we have inherited from our Founding Fathers while charting a new path forward!

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