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Veterans, First Responders – “Our Oath has no expiration date” is a bold statement and a call to action, demanding that we, who served – become politically involved and actively support the efforts of True America First Republican candidates running for office. It recognizes that veterans and our first responder brothers and sisters have the experience, dedication, and discipline required to succeed in the election process. This mantra mandates us to mobilize our political voice on the grassroots level. Furthermore, it acknowledges that we as citizens can make real changes in our communities through active engagement with campaigns. We encourage veterans, first responders, and other free-thinking individuals to elect leaders who best represent our National values. Moreover, this proclamation drives home the importance of civic participation at various levels of government, as well as provides a platform for utilizing our voices to shape the future direction of the Republic. Join us. Sign-up, and volunteer. Pledge to vote for America First Candidates and become the catalyst in Making America Great Again. Again…

Georgia Veterans for America First