GA VFAF President Jared Craig is actively engaged in protecting the welfare of children.


Jared Craig, President of GA Veterans for Trump state chapter , attended the Board of Commissioners meeting to advocate for banning Drag Queen shows for children.


CUMMING, Ga. – April 21, 2023 – PRLog — Jared Craig, President of the Georgia Chapter of Veterans for Trump aka Veterans for America attended the Forsyth County Board of Commissioner’s meeting in Cumming Georgia to support the citizens of Forsyth County who are asking for ordinances prohibiting Drag Queen Cabarets seeking audiences of minor children.

Craig spoke with many concerned citizens of Forsyth County who openly voiced their support for a county ordinance that would prohibit Drag Queen Cabaret performances for audiences of children.  The event was scheduled for April 23, 2023, but was cancelled to the public speaking out against the event on social media and calls to local officials.  The event was initially styled as “A Family Fun Show” and refers to attendees of “All Ages”.

Those who spoke during the public forum were each given 3 minutes each to speak out against or in support of the proposed restrictive ordinance.  10 speakers were allowed to present their comments which detailed their social and religious bases for opposing Drag Queen Cabarets for children.  Although there were also supporters of the Drag Queen Cabarets, none of them spoke at the meeting.

Prior to the meeting, Craig spoke with Alfred John, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners about the tone of the issue. Craig informed John that he would advise those in the meeting to be respectful of the rules. “I want to take a moment and commend those in attendance for their respect for one another.” – Alfred John, Chairman of the County Board of Commissioners.

“The meeting tonight illustrated what the community opinion in Forsyth County actually is.  Those who support Drag Queen events for children discovered how few of them there actually are and what the majority is made of.” – Jared Craig, President of Georgia Veterans for Trump/VFAF

“The question here isn’t why we do not want our children to witness drag queen cabarets, it is rather, why do these men want to perform to an audience of children” – Anonymous

VFAF National is also working on the issue:




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