Georgia Veterans for Trump/VFAF Endorses Kimberly Lowe, VA for US Senate

Kimberly Lowe (R) is VA’s America First Candidate

Kimblery Lowe Va

RICHMOND, Va. – March 31, 2023 – PRLog — Jared Craig, President of the Georgia Chapter of Veterans for Trump, announces the endorsement of Kimberly Lowe for US Senate seeking to flip the seat red currently held by Democrat Tim Kaine.  Lowe is a six-generation Virginian and single mother of three children who sees our country going down the wrong path.  Lowe is not only qualified, but she is willing to do the work necessary to improve the lives of all Americans

Lowe openly supports the America First Agenda, and she will support legislation that promotes individual rights of American citizens.  Lowe understands the risk of open borders and how that has led to fentanyl flooding out communities killing our children.  Lowe believes in energy independence and promoting the domestic production of essential goods, including food goods.  When elected, Lowe will operate with transparency and accountability.

Craig had the pleasure of interviewing Lowe on the Vet Voice Podcast on March 28, 2023.  Lowe discussed her personal background, motivation for running for office, her political platform and her agenda once elected.

Lowe is not a career politician, nor is she from an entrenched political family.  Lowe believes in term limits and ending the career politician norm.  Lowe is a patriotic American who still believes in the freedoms acknowledged in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Conservative candidates like Kimberly Lowe are who we need in Washington DC.

Link to Endorsement Interview:

Jared Craig, President
Georgia Veterans for Trump/VFAF



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