Cooper Guyon endorsement for Assistant Treasurer of the 14th District Republican Party. Georgia state chapter Veterans for Trump.

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The Georgia State Chapter of Veterans for America First has issued an endorsement of Cooper Guyon for Assistant Treasurer of the 14th District Republican Party announced Jared Craig state chapter president.


DALLAS, Ga. – April 15, 2023 – PRLog — Cooper Guyon currently serves as a Veterans for Trump national Ambassador and works closely with the Georgia VFAF team on party unity efforts while fighting to get conservative candidates elected into office.

“Having spent years working with Cooper I have seen him put great efforts into Saving America while balancing the unique issues with the Georgia GOP. He has fought for Trump and will continue to be a pundit for our conservative values while working with the Georgia senate. He has the full support of our organization at the state and national levels ” said Stan Fitzgerald Veterans for Trump National President.

“One of the reasons Veterans for Trump aka Veterans for America first is currently building state chapters is for supporting local America First candidates in local elections and to help elect GOP party leaders that wont fall away from our conservative values. I can not think of a better candidate, with a greater potential to be a future leader in Georgia politics , other than Cooper Guyon” said Jared Craig Georgia VFAF State Chapter President.

Conservative commentator Cooper Guyon has been working in politics since we was 14 years old. He wrote the best selling book “Our broken nation ” at age 15. He has helped elect Republicans up and down the ticket for multiple election cycles. Cooper worked for congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene in 2020 and many other elected officials throughout the years. He raised over 100K for candidates and has worked two sessions in the Georgia State Senate as a district coordinator. Cooper has been invited to Mar-A-Lago and currently serves as a Veterans for America First national ambassador.

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