Update on the Legal Challenge in Georgia Reapportionment by Cobb County under Home Rule.

10-8-23 Update on the Legal Challenge to Reapportionment by Cobb County under Home Rule Cobb County’s Board of Commissioners (BoC) enacted a Resolution in October of 2022 that adopted the contents of the aborted HB 1256 as their recognized reapportionment plan for the apportionment of voters in the four Cobb County commission districts.  This was done under […]

VFAF official statement on Israel’s declaration of war on Hamas terrorists.

10-7-23 Veterans and all Americans should be rightly shocked at the outbreak of war-like attacks on Israel by Iran-backed Hamas. Under President Trump, Russia was restrained, China was contained and Mid-East peace was sustained. We must unite to oust Biden and recall Trump to the White House without delay. America and its allies can no […]

GA Senator Bo Hatchett has been endorsed by Veterans for America First Georgia State Chapter.

9-17-23 Bo Hatchett has been endorsed by Veterans for America First Georgia State Chapter after pledging to request SB92 over-site into Fani Willis said Jared Craig PRESS LINK : https://fox56news.com/business/press-releases/ein-presswire/656185457/georgia-senator-bo-hatchett-endorsed-by-veterans-for-america-first-after-pledging-to-request-sb92-oversite/ At VFAF we support all paths to oversite and investigation of the Fulton County prosecution efforts of alleged election interference.”— Jared Craig President Georgia State […]

VFAF Ambassador Harrison Floyd partners with Jack Brewer foundation to bail fathers out of Fulton County GA jail.

9-11-23 PRESS LINK : https://fox59.com/business/press-releases/ein-presswire/655278815/harrison-floyd-vfaf-veterans-for-trump-ambassador-partners-with-the-jack-brewer-foundation-to-initiate-free-the-fathers/ VFAF Ambassador Harrison Floyd @hw_floyd with the Jack Brewer Foundation initiate Free The Fathers Tuesday, September 12, 2023 Atlanta, GA The purpose of this initiative is to save lives and return fathers to their children. BACKGROUND In the past 6 weeks, 6 inmates have died in Fulton County Jail. The […]

Kelly Loeffler and Byron Donalds invite VFAF to participate in Georgia strategy discussion with leading state influencers

9-6-23 Thank you to Senator Kelly Loeffler @KLoeffler and Congressman Byron Donalds @ByronDonalds for inviting VFAF @Vets_4_Trump with some of Georgia’s most influential to discuss both national and state strategy. Kelly with Greater Georgia @GreaterGeorgia is doing amazing work on the ground in Georgia and Congressman Donalds as always shows to be our leading conservative […]

Mesha Mainor Georgia State Rep (GA56) endorsed by Georgia State Chapter of Veterans for America First

8-1-23 PRESS: https://www.wsav.com/business/press-releases/ein-presswire/647761542/rep-mesha-mainor-georgia-state-house-56-gets-backing-from-veterans-for-trump-after-switching-parties/ Veterans for Trump aka Veterans for America First is announcing the state chapter endorsement of Mesha Mainor for GA State House 56. The Georgia state legislator recently made national news switching parties leaving the Democrat party for the GOP. “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party left ME when it […]

Caroline Jeffords named Georgia State Chapter Veterans for America First June 2023 Hero of The Month

5-22-23 PRESS RELEASE : https://www.prlog.org/12965686-caroline-jeffords-named-georgia-state-chapter-veterans-for-america-first-june-2023-hero-of-the-month.html ATLANTA – May 22, 2023 – PRLog — By  Jared Craig Georgia State Chapter of Veterans for America First President Following the success of the Veterans for Trump national hero of the month program the state chapters are encouraged to start the monthly program recognizing an outstanding patriot in their […]

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